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Our services don't end after the funeral.  


When we lose a loved one, we all grieve in many different ways. You may feel overwhelmed, confused and alone. Because grief doesn't end with the funeral, we are committed to providing you with the assistance and support that you need. 


Through Brodbeck Counseling, PC we provide individual and group counseling services for grief as well as other difficult life situations such as divorce, disability, medical challenges or mental health issues.


No matter what life circumstance you are navigating, we would be honored to walk with you on that journey. 


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Erin Brodbeck, LCSW, CT

Director of Grief Services

Erin has over a decade of helping individuals move beyond the challenges that hold them back from living a happy live. She is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois and has been working with children, adults and families throughout Central Illinois. She has experience in the school and hospital setting as well as extensive experience with grief and loss issues.  


Erin received her BA in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Washington University in St. Louis. In addition to her clinical license, she is also Certified in Thanatology (CT) [Death, Dying and Bereavement] through the Association for Death Education and Counseling. 


Erin grew up in the death care industry, providing her an extraordinary perspective on how to help others during times of grief. She is a fourth generation Darby, a family known throughout the United States as a prominent leader in the death care industry. She spent her childhood under the guidance of this successful family-owned and operated business with funeral homes being part of her everyday life. With her grandfather, Big Jim Darby leading the way, she got to see how hard her family and their staff worked every day to serve others with every ounce of energy they had. 


As Erin grew older, she knew that she wanted to serve in a key role to further the Darby legacy, but in a new and unique way to expand the vision. Although Erin started her career in the social services field as a school and hospital social worker, deep down she always had the desire to use her talents to serve others in the family business. After spending 4 years exclusively in social service, she is now the Director of Grief services, a role that would give her the ability to serve others during some of their greatest times of need in many different ways.


Erin enjoys working with people to help them navigate the joys and difficulties of everyday life. She wants to talk with you in a comfortable, supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you achieve happiness to live life well.   

Erin is a wife, mom, coffee loving, organizing obsessed social worker who would love the opportunity to meet you-hopefully over a cup of coffee!


The combination of her social work experience and her passion for working with grievers resulted in the creation of her modernized grief support program that has the potential to reach grievers all across the country. Erin is dedicated to helping others achieve overall mental wellness and happiness to live life well and ultimately celebrate a life well lived.